Learn About Aussie Rules


Don’t throw the ball – ever!

· Handball for short pass and to keep the game moving · Kick for a longer pass and to score, kicks range from 15m–60m (16-70 yards)

Goals can only be scored via a kick

  • Catch a ball that’s been kicked and it’s called a mark. Marking can be spectacular!
  • Jumping on another player’s shoulders to take a mark is called a speckie
  • Running with the ball is allowed, but the player must bounce the ball every 15m and try not to get tackled

Moving the ball in the direction of your goal is the key. If it gets too scrappy or too congested, the umpire (or referee) will grab the ball and throw it up to keep the game moving. It’s much like a jump ball in basketball.

If the ball goes out of the boundary lines an umpire will toss it back into play over their head.

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