Experience the Excitement of Aussie Rules Football

A visit to Melbourne isn’t complete without a trip to an AFL match! It’s the most popular game in Australia and according to many the most spectacular game in the world!

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On arrival at your accommodation, you will receive a GTTG Welcome Pack which will include a piece of team merchandise.

Wearing team colours is a big part of going to the footy, not only does it show your team allegiance but it will also help keep you warm on a cold winter’s day in Melbourne.


An experience within an experience! If you get the chance you should catch a tram or train to the stadium.

We’ll give you the directions on which tram or train to catch, this is a great way to soak up the atmosphere early and join thousands of local supporters who are also heading to the game


Melbourne is full of pubs which are famous for being perfect ‘pre-game’ footy destinations.

If you are keen to eat, ask for a chicken parma with a pot of beer and you will fit in perfectly with the locals.

We’ll give you a list of the best pre and post match footy pubs!

If you would prefer to go direct to the game and eat there, this option is just as great.


Whether you decided to eat pre-game or at the stadium, plan your trip so you arrive 20 minutes before the game starts.

You want to be in your seats to see one of the game’s oldest and most quirky traditions. Each team runs through a handmade banner (25m tall) as their team song blares through the stadium and all their fans sing along.


You can’t go past a hot meat pie with tomato sauce and a side of hot chips. Wash this down with a famous Carlton Draught beer.

Hot jam donuts at ¾ time or straight after the game are a must and can be purchased inside or outside of the stadium.


As part of your package, you will receive premium seats (no nosebleeds / bleachers!).

Barrack for your team as they run, chase, mark and kick their way to victory (hopefully!).

The tough, high scoring game is played out over 20 minute quarters and will give you plenty to shout about.

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Getting Ready Getting the tram Getting to a local Getting to the Game Getting some Footy Food Getting amongst it

The AFL footy experience was just extraordinary! The whole day was amazing and it was full of activities that we did not even need to plan and that made us feel we were living like locals! Thank you GTTG for making it very easy to get a confirmed ticket, know where to go before the game and how to get there.

Haroce Lee

Hong Kong

Up to 90 000 people congregate to watch the AFL at Melbourne’s sporting grounds.Biggest ever crowd for a match 121,696

A religion for the locals

High scoring, Fast, Skillful and Tough

The most spectacular game in the world

This is Australia’s indigenous game and has been played for over 150 years

Born in Melbourne

Fans of all ages sit together to cheer on their teams

AFL games are family friendly

Everything you need in one box for only $125pp

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